The Psychology of Sales

The Psychology of Sales: Power Series

What do you think when you hear the word “sales”?  Ask almost anyone why they bought something from a salesperson and they might use words like: tricked, finagled, cajoled,  persuaded, coaxed, wheedled, charmed, beguiled, seduced, pressured, induced, tempted, convinced, influenced, coerced, browbeaten, harassed, pestered, forced, hounded, strong-armed, intimidated, goaded, nagged, pushed and so many more…

When asked to describe their  salesperson, these same people would use words like:  persistent, pushy, slimy, untrustworthy, unrelenting, tenacious,  determined, unshakeable, unrelenting, unyielding, unbending, focused, relentless, tireless, steadfast and on and on…

When you ask yourself “what does it take to be a sales person?”, some of these same words are probably how you would describe them as well.  Many techniques, tricks and systems have been developed to induce people to buy things, and unfortunately, many people are extremely adept at tricking, forcing, pestering and strong-arming their customers into doing something that they don’t want to do.

water housesleazy sales guy

DON’T be like this guy.

That is not  sales!  It is terrible!  Sales is not convincing people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise have done.  But because so many people have treated it that way, salespeople are often assumed to be dishonest or “sleazy”.

How would you feel about your life’s work if all you did was trick people?  Those of you with experience in “sleazy” selling will be familiar with “buyers remorse”: the customer buys from you because they feel so much pressure, and will cancel as soon as you leave.

Federal, State and Local laws have even been created to protect customers from these sales tactics.  Why?  Because a shocking number of companies and sales organizations employ these relentless high pressure “closing” techniques.  Although they do result in sales in the short-term, the lasting effect of these tactics is many cancellations and a general public consensus that salespeople cannot be trusted.

In order to become a great salesperson, you need to know that professional sales is all about helping people, making friends, and sometimes walking away without the sale if it doesn’t make sense for the customer.  True, professional sales is about the customer — doing what is right for them, and always maintaining integrity and high ethical standards.


That said, can some of my methods be used in an unethical way?  Of course they can, but be warned: if you misuse these tutorials, we will hunt you down and eliminate you!  My goal is to change the reputation and public perception of salespeople, and to increase respect for the Art of Sales.  {We need a brand name here for our type of sales} and make The {MBA} sales method the only method that customers trust.

The training courses will explain the following:

  • What makes a customer trust you.
  • What makes a customer buy from you.
  • What makes a customer recommend you to others.

For both beginner and advanced sales people.  Click (here) for beginner or (here) for advanced tutorial.

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