Selling For Personality Type

As you’re probably aware, there are four basic personality types that everyone falls into. They are as follows:

  1. Assertive
  2. Amiable
  3. Expressive
  4. Analytical

These personality types determine how someone thinks, acts, and makes decisions – which, as you know, is extremely important for sales! Today I’m going to teach you how to determine which personality type your customer falls into, and how best to sell to that type. Sound good? Let’s go!

Let’s begin with how to determine which category your customer falls into. The assertive customer will probably greet you with a firm handshake, looking directly into your eyes. You may get the sense that they are used to dominating the conversation, even if they do not say much to start off. They make more statements than questions, and when they do ask questions, they may be quite pointed and specific.

How to sell to the Assertive customer? Appeal to their dominance. Let them think through nonverbal cues that they are in charge of the situation. Most assertive personality types are extremely observant and will notice such things as your body language and facial expression. Make eye contact whenever you speak to them, and keep your hands calm and visible at all times.

Do not ask for the sale with this personality type. Instead, allow them to lead the conversation, or at least in appearance. Allow them to ask for more information and finally to ask for the sale.

The Amiable customer is a little different. Amiable types are usually quite easy-going, and will greet you with a big smile. They are often talkative and will want to tell you a lot of stories. Something that goes a long way with Amiable customers is the ability to listen well (discussed in our tutorial HERE).

Stop looking at your watch or phone, and let the customer speak for as long as they want to. This will gain their trust and their casual friendship – most Amiable type personalities make friends easily and will naturally want to befriend you if you react well to their cheerfulness.

Amiable customers enjoy excitement and spontaneity. To sell well to an Amiable type, throw in some personal anecdotes to your presentation, and keep things moving at a good pace. They will probably interrupt you, and that’s a good thing – it means they’re engaged!

The Expressive customer can be an enigma to some salespeople. These people are kind and caring, often artistic. They are the personality type that actually is most opposed to stereotypical “salespeople” – they hate conflict and confrontation, and are the most likely among the personality types to say “yes” to a sale just to get the salesperson to leave.

To sell to an Expressive customer, appeal to their humanitarian side. It’s all about empathy with this type of personality. You care about your customers, so show it to them! Listen well, just as you would with an Amiable type, and prove that show your compassionate side whenever possible. Always be completely honest – of course, this goes for all sales in general, but to the Expressive customer, it will go an especially long way. Expressive customers are extremely loyal and if you gain their trust, you will have an ally for your entire career.

The Expresive customer will be open to see your presentation, but be warned – don’t mistake their kindness for stupidity. Many salespeople make this mistake and think they can trick the Expressive customer into buying their product just because “they’re too nice to say no.” Although this is sometimes true, professional salespeople know that sales made under duress almost NEVER stick, and you’ve just missed out on a great potential contact.

The Expressive customer, even if they don’t buy from you, will remember you if you’ve treated them well and will think to recommend you to family or friends if they need your product or services. Listen well, and match their cheerfulness – you will have the Expressive type customer on your side almost at once.

An Analytical customer is some salespeople’s favorite, but other salespeople’s worst nightmare. That is because these personality types like to deal in cold, hard facts – they are especially good at cutting through the BS some salespeople like to spout and getting right down to the heart of the information.

To appeal to this type of customer, go slowly through your presentation and focus on the facts – especially the details. The Analytical customer may well have pulled out a pad of paper to take notes, and that’s an excellent sign! These people want the figures, and they want to make sure no detail goes unmentioned.

Analytical customers appreciate organization. To visit an Analytical customer, make sure before you even leave your office that all of your papers and documents are in order, and you know the presentation like the back of your hand. It will impress an Analytical customer if they cannot ask you a question you don’t know the answer to.

Why is the Analytical customer the favorite of some salespeople? Why, because if your product/service makes logical sense, they’ll buy it! In some ways, they are the easiest to sell to, but only if what you’re selling makes sense to them. Appeal to their logic and rationality, and the Analytical customer will be instantly on your side.

As you can see, it’s important to understand the personality type of your customer before rushing into the sale — it will definitely help your pitch!  Did you like this post?  Be on the lookout for a series of more in-depth posts about selling to the personality types coming soon!